Kat's Paint and Wine Parties

We bring the party, you bring the friends.

Paintings & Kits

Miscellaneous - 30


We will honor all of our Competitor Prices and discounts as long as the event is similar to ours in most ways. Please send proof of competetor pricing and/or discount.


We bring all the supplies to paint a picture on canvas.


Please remember to drink responsibly, Uber is an easy way to grab a ride home and be safe.


We provide aprons, but we use acrylic paints and if they get on your clothes, it won't come out. It will easily wash of hands.


Try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your event.


If you cannot make this paint party, or your host reschedules and you no longer can attend, and you've already paid, please either send a friend or we can credit you to another paint and wine party. I have them frequently that I open to the public. Also, if you paid online, there is a $2.33 refund fee that is charged to me, so you know how it rolls, downhill...so that fee is subtracted from your refund.


This party is so much fun, you wont want to miss it.


20x16 canvas painting in acrylic paints, we provide aprons, but as a warning, these paints do not come out of clothing.

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