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Buy One Seat, Get your second seat free!  

You will pay for one seat (or more) and you will receive your second seat (or more) free.  Your confirmation email from us (not PayPal), will indicate your paid and free  seats!  

If you are purchasing two seats, only put one seat in your checkout, your confirmation email from us will show two seats paid.

You still need to reserve seats with us ahead of time with a quick text or message on our social media to make sure you have a seat saved at any of our events (any events over the cost of $20, you can still use your seat reservation, but you would just pay the difference in cost, i.e. fundraisers and Sip n Paints). (not redeemable at our $35 events).

This does not guarantee seat reservation, we do sell out of many venues, so when you see an event you want to attend, let us know to save you a seat.

OK, us getting grumpy....This works like all our other events, if you reserve a seat and don't show up, you are still charged for those seats and they are non-refundable.  We don't like to do this, but when we have a sold out event, and have people on a waiting list, you don't show, then we have seats open that people wanted.  We ask that you let us know 48 hours in advance in order to receive a credit for your next event.

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