Kat's Paint and Wine Parties

We bring the party, you bring the friends.

Paintings & Bookings

08/11-Ceres Recreation Center - Video Paint


Location: Your own home. We will use "Zoom" to conduct our party. The party invitation will be will be send out about a 1/2 hour before start time (6pm start time), but will be sent to your host one week before the party.


Supplies you will need: Canvas any size, black, white, teal, ivory, brown, green, & red acrylic paint (small 2fl oz bottles are perfect (I use Craft Essentials or Apple Barrell), 1 inch acrylic brush, 1/2 inch flat tip acrylic brush, pointed acrylic brush, water cup, paint rag, and paint plate (striphone plates work best (paper pulls the water out of the paint), if you would like an easel, you, of course, can use one. I prefer no easel, we are all different. You can order from Amazon, Walmart, Joann, Michaels, any hoppy shop. We will have a supply kit for you, but it will be a charge of $20.



Starts @ 5pm




Try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your event.




If you cannot make this paint party, or your host reschedules and you no longer can attend, and you've already paid, please either send a friend or we can credit you to another paint and wine party. I have them frequently that I open to the public.




This party is so much fun, you wont want to miss it.

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